What is our School Council all about?

At Delph Side, our School Council is about giving everyone a voice, all the way from year 1 to year 6! Our School Council changes on a 6 month basis to allow more children the opportunity to represent their class and to their their own views.

The member in our current School Council are
Year 1 Mason
Year 2 Max & Ashley
Year 3 Kai & Lacey
Year 4 Chayton & Lauren
Year 5 Macey & Shaun
Year 6 Liva & Josh

Do you know who represents your class?

Meeting the Mayor!

The School Council had the pleasure of meeting the Mayor at the council chambers in Ormskirk! They took part in a debate and then helped themselves to refreshments later on in the Mayor's parlour.

Tawd Valley Clean Up Project!

Our School Council took part in the Tawd Valley Clean Up Project as a way to keep Skelmersdale clean!


Minutes of School Council Meetings

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