Year 1

For our Internet Safety Day in Year 1, we talked about how a picture can share more information than we think and sometimes even personal information that we do not want strangers to know. We talked about the dangers of sharing our personal information online and looked at a range of different pictures deciding whether they were safe to put on the internet or not. We also made our own 'About me collages' using the I-pads as a way of telling someone all about us without sharing pictures which may share our personal information.

For Safer Internet Day, the children had to create a picture that was appropriate to be put online and one that would be inappropriate.

We discussed how to stay safe on the internet when posting pictures. We talked about how pictures can give information without words.

During 'Safer Internet Day' we looked at the power of images that get posted online. We found that an image can tell a different story to other people and can sometimes be misleading. We all love an 'Emoji' but sometimes people can read them in different ways. We also created some 'Memes' to help spread the word about internet safety. Take a look!

Year 6 have created their own memes for Safer Internet Day.