Image of Y5 head to Holy Island!
22 September 2023

Y5 head to Holy Island!

Y5 are having such an amazing time while at Holy Island, Lindisfarne.  We've been visiting the site which the Vikings raided the peaceful monastery of St Cuthbert's and began their invasion of Britain - all the way back in 793AD.

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Image of Y5 Reading for Enjoyment
16 September 2023

Y5 Reading for Enjoyment

Y5 have been enjoying some reading for enjoyment  - with a lovely, relaxing atmosphere and a great book.

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Image of Y5 are flying with spelling
6 September 2023

Y5 are flying with spelling

Y5 have been flying with their learning from Friday, and we've cracked on with our first spelling unit of the year - using words with silent 'b'.

What a start from the FANTASTIC FIVES!

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Image of Aspirations Week in Year 4!
4 July 2023

Aspirations Week in Year 4!

This week, we’ve had lots of visitors in to show us different career paths that we could take. We’ve had acrobatic arts, engineers, construction workers, IT technicians, paramedics, firefighters and even an opera singer! 
The children have loved it!

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Image of Timeline fun!
3 July 2023

Timeline fun!

In Year 4, we’ve been adding something new to our timeline in History each week to piece together all the amazing things the Egyptians created!


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Image of STEM Week in Year 4!
22 June 2023

STEM Week in Year 4!

Tetrahedron Workshop

Year 4 had a blast at the tetrahedron workshop yesterday. They worked together to create tetrahedrons and then joined forces to try and create a huge structure. They showed some fantastic teamwork skills. Well done Y4!

Using a seismograph

The children had a go at…

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Image of Annie at the Liverpool Empire
7 June 2023

Annie at the Liverpool Empire

What a great day out Year 3 and 4 had at the theatre watching Annie! Their enthusiasm as truly exhilarating! We loved seeing the excitement on their faces throughout the show.

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Image of River Wyre Trip
26 May 2023

River Wyre Trip

What a glorious day Year 4 had! First, we visited Abbeystead, where we found the source of the River Wyre. We even saw some sheep on our travels!



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Image of Identifying word classes!
16 May 2023

Identifying word classes!

Year 4 have been spending their grammar lessons learning all about different word classes. Today, we put our knowledge to the test and worked in groups to identify nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions and even determiners! Well done everyone! 

#enjoy #embrace…

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Image of Trip preparation!
12 May 2023

Trip preparation!

In preparation for our trip to the River Wyre on Tuesday, we recapped features of a river, courses of a river and discussed things that we might see on our trip! 

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