Image of Learning about life in the Stone Age
18 September 2023

Learning about life in the Stone Age

Year 3 carried on their learning about the Stone Age by imagining their were living during the Stone Age and having to identify assets and threats in their environment and share their reasons why. They then looked at a scene from a Palelolithic camp to identify some of the achievements from the…

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Image of 3D Design in Year 3
10 September 2023

3D Design in Year 3

Year 3 began their 3D Design unit in I Learn 2. They experimented with copying and creating the different patterns to understand 3D. They can't wait to create their own designs to 3D print.


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Image of Investigating Stone Age artefacts
7 September 2023

Investigating Stone Age artefacts

An introduction to the Stone Age, in Year 3, as children explored different artefacts and photographs of artefacts. The children had to think about what they were made out of and what they were used for as they started to think as they became archaeologists to find out about Stone Age life.

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Image of First Day in Year 3
1 September 2023

First Day in Year 3

Our Year 3 children are off to a fantastic start in their new adventure in Key Stage 2. From the moment they stepped in the classroom, they've been buzzing with excitement and diving headfirst into their learning. They kicked off with Jigsaw, to learn the class rules and think about their goals…

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Image of Year 2 Microhabitats
11 July 2023

Year 2 Microhabitats

Year 2 have been looking at microhabitats today. They found a decomposing log with lots of small beetles and found a spider under a rock. Whilst we found some microhabitats, year 2 wanted to build their own. They made sure they have shelter, access to food and water and oxygen. 

We hope some…

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Image of Aspirations Day Two
5 July 2023

Aspirations Day Two

Year 2 have been talking to a painter and decorator and got to spend time with the paramedics. 

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Image of Aspirations week
3 July 2023

Aspirations week

What a great start to Aspirations week !


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Image of Class library
28 June 2023

Class library

Year 2 have been #enjoying using their class library. 


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Image of Maths whizz
28 June 2023

Maths whizz

Year 2 have been using maths whizz for the first time today and #enjoyed it. 

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Image of year 2 sports day!
22 June 2023

year 2 sports day!

What a great start to the day! Year 2 #enjoyed sports day this morning in the sunshine ☀️ #enjoy #embrace

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Image of Stem week
20 June 2023

Stem week

Today Year 2 have found out that a paper aeroplane falls to the ground much more slowly and gracefully than a crunched up piece of paper. This is because of the forces generated by air pressing on and moving over the surface of the paper.  We discovered this by creating our own aeroplanes and…

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