Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Liz Ormerod


Designated Safeguarding Leader
Curriculum Leader

Mrs Liz Burton

Assistant Headteacher

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)
Pupil Premium Leader
Designated Children Looked After Leader
Mental Health Leader
Maths Leader
English Team

Mr Jonathan Fyne

Assistant Headteacher

Assessment Leader
Year 3 Class Teacher
Computing Leader
Able Gifted and Talented Leader
Online Safety Leader
Handwriting Lead

Mr Ian Morris

Year 6 Teacher

Attendance Leader
Behaviour Leader
History Subject Leader
English Team

Teaching Team

Mrs Janine Brady

Nursery Teacher

Mrs Jane Maloney

Reception Teacher

Mrs Emma Bentham

Year 1 Teacher

PSHE Leader

Mrs Eloise Barker

Year 2 Teacher

History Leader
Phonics & Early Reading Leader
School Council & Eco Team Leader

Mr Jonathan Fyne

Year 3 Teacher

(Member of SLT - see top of page)

Miss Jenny Hanrahan

Year 4 Teacher

Forest School Leader

Mr Ryan Ward

Year 5 Teacher

KS2 English Leader
Science Leader
Feedback Leader

Mr Ian Morris

Year 6 Teacher

(Member of SLT - see top of page)

Mrs Nicola Littler

SEN Teacher (The Hangout)

Medical Needs Leader
EAL Leader
Educational Visits Coordinator
TA Line Manager

Miss Chloe Breckell

Covid Catch Up Teacher and Art and DT Teacher

Music Leader
Art/DT Leader
French Leader

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Kitty Dickson


Breakfast Club

Mrs Jenny Taylor


Mrs Lisa McKeever


Breakfast Club

Mrs Dawne Caldwell


Mrs Vicky Kay

Year 2

Mr Wes Mather

Year 1

Miss Marie Fitzgerald

Year 3

Miss Sarah Couch


Mrs Pauline Keegan

Year 4

Mrs Angela Jones

Year 6

Miss Kerrie Gwyther

Year 5

Learning Zone (After School Club)

Ms Jade Williams


Mrs Louise Anderson


Mrs Anna Hill


Miss Chloe Roughley

Year 2

Mrs Cath Curran


Mr Charlie Price

Year 3

Ms Mel Tyrer

Year 1

Ms Patricia Roche

Year 1

Miss Sophie Lloyd

Year 2

Mrs Irene Hesketh


Support Team

Ms Carolyn Noon

Family Wellbeing Coordinator
Behaviour and Attendance
Mental Health First Aider

Mrs Jo Whitfield

School Business Manager

Mr Aiden Roberts

IT & Office Admin

Mrs Sarah Miller

Site Supervisor & School Cook

Mrs Margaret Spafford

Welfare Assistant

Mrs Lyndsey Lynch

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Jan Price

School Cleaner