The Curriculum
Children accessing learning in The Hangout have a highly personalised curriculum to meet their individual needs and outcomes within their EHC Plan.  Where possible, children will access some lessons within the mainstream classes.  Again, this is personalised to the needs of the child and what they can or cannot access within the mainstream.  

Sensory Input
The staff have had extensive training and support in meeting the needs of children requiring sensory input and with sensory processing difficulties.  Sensory circuits are set up on a daily basis for the children to access along with numerous sensory breaks.  There is a sensory area in the classroom that the children are able to access as and when they need to along with a designated sensory room with ball pool, soft mood change lighting, trampette, bubble tube and fibre optics.

EHC Review
Education Health Care plans are reviewed at least annually.  These are completed with the SENCO, Class teacher, parents and any other agencies that might be supporting the child.  The purpose of the review is to discuss progress towards the outcomes in the EHC, ensure that the provision that is outlined in Section F is up to date and accurate, and discuss any amendments that may be required.  An early review can be arranged if parents/school feel that it is necessary.

Working in collaboration with parents/carers
We pride ourselves on keeping parents up to date with their child’s learning and progress.  Parents are kept updated using Seesaw as a sharing platform.  They are part of the target setting process and are encouraged to talk about school at home.  One Page Profiles are developed with parents/carers and updated on a termly basis to ensure they are current.