Image of Gymnastics in Year 4
22 September 2023

Gymnastics in Year 4

Year 4 have been practising balances and stretches, ensuring that their legs are straight! 

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Image of Grouping Living Things
14 September 2023

Grouping Living Things

In Science, Year 4 have been learning about how to group living things based on their physical appearance. We've learnt about vertebrates and invertebrates and had a go at grouping animals based on this. They've worked really hard! 

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Image of Gardening at Forest School!
4 September 2023

Gardening at Forest School!

Year 4 have been super helpful during their first Forest School session. They have been helping to remove weeds and dead flowers ready for some new seeds to go in

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Image of Year 3 Fieldwork Fortnight
9 July 2023

Year 3 Fieldwork Fortnight

As part of Fieldwork Fortnight, Year 3 went on a walk of the local area, armed with a map to follow. They had to follow the map to different waypoints and then work out the OS Symbol and the 4 figure Grid Reference of where they were. A great opportunity to develop their mapping…

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Image of Aspirations Week Day 2 in Year 3
4 July 2023

Aspirations Week Day 2 in Year 3

Day 2 of Aspirations saw us meet a barrister and we got to role-play a court. The defendant was found guilty! We also met a BT engineer and an IT expert who showed us the fascinating world of technology. And there was more. We got to meet a paramedic and the fire brigade and even went in the fire…

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Image of Aspirations Week 2023 - Day 1 in Year 3
3 July 2023

Aspirations Week 2023 - Day 1 in Year 3

A great start to Aspirations week in Year 3. The children had an amazing time today, meeting incredible visitors who inspired them with their careers. From acrobatic art to construction, and even warming up those vocal cords as an opera singer. They can't wait to see who will be visiting on Day…

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Image of 3D Printing Bookmarks
26 June 2023

3D Printing Bookmarks

A new challenge in Computing today for Year 3 was to design a bookmark using Busy Paint. We had to think about our use of black, white and grey so that are bookmarks would print correctly. We can't wait to see how they come out.

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Image of STEM Week in Year 3
21 June 2023

STEM Week in Year 3

Stop Motion

Year 3 enjoyed their first challenge of STEM Week, with a Computing focus, as they used the Stop Motion App to create their own stop motion animation

Make a boat challenge

Our next activity for STEM week was to design a boat that would float out of our own choice of…

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Image of Year 3 visit West Lancs College
19 June 2023

Year 3 visit West Lancs College

Year loved their visit to West Lancs College, as part of Aspiratiosn Week, to see about the different career possibilities open to them. From engineering, to graphic design and to beauty, there are endless possibilities.

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Image of Falling overboard English Experience Day
8 June 2023

Falling overboard English Experience Day

Year 3 enjoyed an English Experience Day to imagine what it would be like to fall overboard into the evil, brutal waves and came up with lots of ideas that will help them with their story about the Secret of Black Rock.

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Image of Annie at the Liverpool Empire
7 June 2023

Annie at the Liverpool Empire

What a great day out Year 3 and 4 had at the theatre watching Annie! Their enthusiasm as truly exhilarating! We loved seeing the excitement on their faces throughout the show.

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